Quick Details
Model Number: SC-MST-MT208L
Type: Air tube earphone
Connectors: Two way radio jacks
Use: Fit two way radios
Function: Noise cancelling
Color: Black
PTT: Push to talk button
Product Detail
  --Professional high quality splash resistant earpiece for two way radio.
  --Lapel PTT, easy and convenient to wear.
  --Clear sound performance without distortion.
  --Suitable for various two way radios with changeable plug.
  --Application for the people work in police station, military, hospital, security office, eatery, etc.
  -- Dimension (mm): ¢15(independent speaker).
  -- Sensitivity: 106±4dB.
  -- Impedance: 220Ω.
  -- Rated output power: 0.5W
  -- Peak power output: 1W.
  -- Dimension (mm): ¢6*5.
  -- Sensitivity: -38±3dB.
  -- Frequency: 1kHz.
  -- Impedance: 2.0V/2.2KΩ.
  -- Operation voltage: 1-10V
  -- Dimension (mm): ¢3.0+2.0mm/¢2.6+2.0mm/L=1000+600mm
  -- Durable Temperature : -40~100℃
  -- Material: PU80A